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Dartboard stand: Detailed Review & Guide

Are you looking for a dartboard stand to keep your darts safe and secure?  Then you are in the right place. Yes, dartboard involves lots of fun and excitement. At times, we cannot confidently say that every dart you throw reaches the target. It entirely depends on the angle and the wrist force you use while throwing the darts. Sometimes they may hit the target points, or else they may hit the walls and nearby objects. To prevent your darts from hitting the hard surfaces, you have to use the dartboard stands. 

Here are the best dartboard stands that help to hold your darts and protect them from being damaged-

  1. Hathaway solid wood dartboard stand:

If you are thinking of buying a dartboard that lasts forever, then the Hathaway solid wood dartboard stand is the right option for you. It is specially manufactured with premium quality wood, which has high durability. 

Features and design:

The beautiful dark ebony not only adds beauty to the wooden dartboard but also makes your interior look elegant. The dartboard stand comes with an electrical dartboard with a 15.5inches LCD to track up to eight players. The exciting part is not over yet; it also has a voice and sound system to boost your fun and excitement. You can play up to 29 games with 90 variations. More than holding a dartboard, this wooden stand offers you plenty of space to store your accessories when not in use. 

Are there any complaints?

This is one of the best choices, which provide great four-legged support and ensure its stability. But one thing it disappoints is its structure. It is really hard to move from one place to another place. Also, the screw on the backside of the dartstand gets bent quickly. 

2.Gorilla portable dartboard stand:

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you will fall in love with Gorilla dartboard stands. These are known as one of the most comfortable portable dartboard stands. Yes, we can not limit our fun and joy to indoors. At times we will love to play outdoors and feel refreshing.

Features and design:

Gorilla stand is made with high-quality, robust steel which has excellent resistance to withstand all climatic conditions. The high-quality black finishing color gives your steel a glossy shine. It uses tripod feet with rubber holding at the bottom, to keep your dartboard highly stable. The best part of the product is a portable stand, so you can unscrew your stand, by removing the parts and carrying them anywhere. Moreover, it comes with a highly convenient bag to hold all the parts of the stand. This 360 degrees rotatable dartboard stand can hold any kind of dartboard and make your game even more playful. 

Are there any complaints?

We are not impressed with the compatibility of this gorilla stand. It is not compatible with the raised oche. Also, it doesn’t suit all lighting systems and only suits clip-on light systems. The assembly instructions are not so clear, and you need to refer to other sources.

3.Winmau Xtreme dartboard stand:

Winmau is a popular brand known for manufacturing dartboard stands. These dartboard stands are easy to install and have great sturdiness. 

Features and design:

The high-quality, robust steel stands add great support to all the legs and keep your stand at a high stable position. 

The most enlightening feature of this brand is it comes with lockable height settings. By simply screwing the steel rod you can adjust your dartboard height to match your position. Thus make your game exciting. Adjusting the rod to your height is quite easy, and you can do it by yourself.

Moreover, it’s portability and compatibility makes you highly convenient while carrying the stand to your garden or even for your trip. 

Are there any complaints?

The only trouble maker in this dart stand is the wall support stabilizer doesn’t work as promised. The adjustable monopod is attached with rubber belt secures, which are weak and break after use for some time. The adjustable portion is not attached and doesn’t stay in place on a wall.

  1. Darts master dartboard stands:

Darts master dartboard stands are known for the lightweight stands, which are highly convenient to carry from one place to another. 

Features and design:

The lightweight steel and the black finishing make a stand look more elegant and glossy. More than being shiny, these are easy to screw up and unscrew when you wish to play the game. Master dartboard comes with a triple stand, which gives your dartboard enough support and height adjustment for easy and quick learning. This portable stand doesn’t occupy plenty of space; it requires an even surface to fit the legs. 

Are there any complaints:

Dartboard needs to be drilled a second hole to mount. Very bad If you rotate your board every week. Dartboard shakes a little every throw. I would stay away.

5.Gran portable dartboard:

Gran board comes with a simple design and portable stand. The stands are manufactured based on the flexibility to carry and shift from one place to another. That is why these are made with lightweight materials, and also, weight doesn’t exceed three and a half pounds. 

Features and design:

These stands work well with gran board dash and bristle boards. Screwing and unscrewing these stands doesn’t require the skill and also can be done by yourself. It makes use of a U-shaped bracket for the grand board. The legs are highly strong to hold the dartboard irrespective of the material made by the dartboard. It comes with the bag to hold all the things and carry them wherever you go. 

Are there any complaints?

One annoying thing about this dart stand is that it shakes a little bit when you throw the darts harder. If you are someone who likes to change the dart stand every week, then it is not for you. 

How do you attach a dartboard to a stand?

Even though you have a strong stand, if the dartboard is not placed in a proper position, your game will be boring. You will miss your targets. So, the way you attach the dartboard to a stand is really important. Based on the rules,  you have to place the center of the bullseye at the height of 5feet 8inches from the floor. Before you fix the stand, you have time to measure the height and make a rough calculation. After taking the measurements, fix the height of the stand and screw them tight. Now, fix the dartboard to the stand and place it in the proper position.

What distance should you stand from a dartboard?

There are many other things that you need to know after getting the dartboard stand. The way you fix the dartboard and the distance from which point you stand is really important. This game is full of calculations and mental stability. The standard distance between you and the dartboard should be five feet to six feet, depending on the type of game you are playing. 

How far do you stand from a dartboard?

You cannot throw the darts from your favorite place. There are some rules that you need to be followed. Based on the gaming rule, the person who is playing darts should stand at a distance of 7feet 9.25 inches away from the dartboard. This place precisely allows the darts to reach the dartboard. If you ask, can you stand on the line in darts? The answer would be no. You have to stand behind the throwing line. Throwing darts is all based on the position you take. So, maintain the distance and take your position before you throw darts.

Can you stand on the line in darts? 

It is entirely okay to stand on the line while playing darts. The position of your feet while you are playing darts is known as stance, and it is essential to help you stabilize your body. But you should be careful that you should not step over the dart line. 

Best Brands for Dartboard stand

There are hundreds of brands selling various types of dartboards all over the world. Hathaway, Gorilla, Winmau stands in the top place when it comes to manufacturing the best quality dartboard stands. Choosing the right brand is crucial to make sure that the product lasts for a long time. 

Buying Guide – Check to Get the Best Dartboard stand

If you are a dartboard lover, then thinking about the dartboard stands will be a bit confusing. There are many dartboards stands available in the market. It’s really hard to choose the best one among them. Get the best products within your budget with the knowledge of its features and worth your penny. Here are a few things you should consider before choosing the best dartboard stand:

Quality comes first

Always remember that the quality of the dartboard stand decides its performance. Make sure it is made up of premium quality material and perfectly designed to last for a long time. 


If you are planning to invest in dartboard stands, I am sure that you want it to last forever. Even there are lots of brands manufacturing various models of dartboard stands; the quality is not the same. 

Concluding remarks

Playing dartboard is not as simple as that you see on mobiles and televisions. The game is entirely based on internal calculations. You have to get the basic knowledge of rules and measurements of the dartboard. Beyond the rules, you should also know how to project the darts. Darts are the key to the dartboard game. The entire game is based on how they reach the target point. You cannot lose their strength by hitting them onto the hard surfaces and other objects by mistake. You should limit your boundaries. Grab the opportunity and select the best dartboard stand to protect your soft-tipped darts.

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