how far do you stand from a dart board

How far do you stand from a dart board

Darts as a hobby and sport are gaining popularity, but many people are still confused about the sports, and simple questions like how far do you stand from a dartboard are keeping many people from engaging in the sport. This post will clear up the scoring question and some other rules. 


For many, the most confusing part of a dart is the scoring system. Adding to this confusion is the fact that there is more than one way to play games on a dartboard as for this post, we will keep the most popular dart games. In the most popular dart game “501,” the players start with 501 points each, and the goal of the game is to reach zero points before the opponents by throwing three darts each round at the dartboard and deduct the points from the board. The game ends on precisely zero, so the player who wants to win cannot score higher than his remaining score adding to the difficulty of the game furthermore, to end the last dart has to land in bullseye or a double. 

Other things to know

  • The midpoint of the board is called bullseye, and it is worth 50 points. Around the bullseye, different segments are radiating outwards; on the outside of the board; there are numbers written that corresponds to each segment and how much that segment is worth. 
  • The standard dartboard is eighteen inches by twenty inches; another question that is often asked by new players is “how far do you stand from a dartboard” and the answer is seven feet and nine and a quarter inch. This is, however, usually just interesting trivia since there is often marked in the floor where the player is supposed to stand when throwing the darts. 

 Apart from the game of 501 that was mentioned above in this post, there are a few other ways to play dart that is less common but might be fun to try. 

  • Around the clock. Here the players take a turn throwing the three darts, and the goals are to go around the clock by throwing the first dart at the segment marked one and going up from there to the segment marked twenty and finally end with a bullseye. 
  • Cricket. Players take turns, and they still have three darts each, who starts is determined by a coin flip, the winner starts to throw darts, and only scores above 40 are counted, so for a total score of 45, five would be added to the score of that player. The next player then tries to end the turn by throwing two bullseyes in one round.

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