How to make a dartboard cabinet

How to make a dartboard cabinet? bradenton A good dartboard cabinet typically costs around $100-150 and even more if it is made up of premium hardwood. But the truth is for the same cost, you can build your own customized, stylish, easy to make, and durable dartboard cabinet. There is no rocket science in the making process, and all you need is wood and few important tools. This article covers the topic of how to make a dartboard cabinet in a few simple DIY steps. 

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source url A word of caution, the type of project you will start requires a lot of tools, equipment, and precision. Tools and materials needed:

  • – 1/2 plywood
  • -1/4 pieces of pine wood
  • -Hardboard
  • -1/12 pine wood
  • -wood filler
  • -Cabinet door knobs
  • -Cabinet hinges
  • -Ruler
  • -Drill bit
  • -Electric drill
  • -Hot glue
  • -Electric saw
  • -Wood press
  • -Sander

Step 1: 

Making the process of Cabinet base:

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follow How To Make A Dartboard Cabinet Base First, take four pieces of wood that are evenly cut into the dimensions you need your cabinet to be. Build up the inner portion of the dartboard cabinet and connect all the pieces of wood together. You can attach a drill bit inside the dress press to form the measured hole. Now you can drill screw the pieces of wood together. Now use the wood filling to close all the holes created earlier.

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Step 2: 

Add a cabinet backboard:

Buying Phentermine Pills To add a backboard, cut out a wood piece to fit into the dart cabinet’s dimensions. Use an electric saw for cutting and make sure you are doing straight cuts to attach the piece of wood into the proper backboard. Next, you need to insert the backboard inside the cabinet.

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Step 3: 

Add Cabinet Doors: Once you are done with the cabinet backboard, it’s time to move on to the next step. To make cabinet doors, you should cut identical pieces of wood and make two doors to close your dartboard cabinet. In this step, you can use your creative mind and use curved designs on the board. After creating the design, use a sander to smooth out the wood. Now insert the cabinet door through the hole you made, and you need to be very careful that the hole is not too shallow or too deep. Smooth out the loose edges and ensure that everything is neat and nice.


Step 4:

How To Buy Phentermine From Canada Insert the inner backboard into the cabinet with some glue and place the wood press tool to stick it properly on to the bottom of the dart cabinet.

Step 5:

Making of Cabinet chalkboard:

Buy Cheap Phentermine Online Uk You can make a chalkboard on your own or buy one separately. You can simply cut out two identical plywood pieces and use chalkboard spray till it turns completely black. Let the spray dry and move on to the next step.

Step 6: 

Add Hinges to the cabinet door:

enter site The next step is to insert hinges to your cabinet doors. You can simply screw them onto the doors itself. Then you will be able to close and open your cabinet doors freely.

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Step 7: 

Screw the chalkboard to the cabinet doors:

see url Now you can retrieve the dried blackboard and screw it onto the inner portions of cabinet doors on either side.

Step 8

Attach and mount the dartboard to the dartboard cabinet: Now it’s time to attach your DIY dartboard to the cabinet and mount it on the wall. You need to attach the cabinet at 45 degrees angle to fit it easily in one place. Use glue to attach the wood on to the back of the cabinet. You can finish the installation process with screw nails.

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Conclusion Hopefully, you can make a fantastic dartboard cabinet through these steps on How to make a dartboard cabinet. Making your dart cabinet increases your confidence levels and helps you to target better. 

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