How To Play Baseball Darts

Baseball Darts: Some Ins and Outs of the Game

Playing baseball darts is the same as any other dartboard game. The points you earn is determined by where the darts fall. The goal is to make it through nine innings, kind of like the game itself.

How To Play Baseball Darts: The Basics and The Beginning

You start with a scoreboard. Your write the numbers(1-9) going down on the left. You write the names of the players across the top.

You will have to create an order, much like the sport itself. The person whose dart is closest to the eye is up first. The one who is furthest away is last.

Each person has to hit the darts to the corresponding inning. Say you are in the second inning of the game. Your darts need to fall within the number 2 line. What happens if your dart hits a high score on the 8th inning notch? That means he or she does not earn points for that round, no matter how high the score is when he or she hits it.

The Counts

There are two rings: Double and triple. Every point is called a “run”. Chad hits the triple ring with his dart. He has three runs. Shelly hits the double ring with her darts. She earns two runs.

A little perspective

Matt and Chad are playing a seconding inning. Matt throws three of his darts. He first hits the triple ring, then the double ring, and then he finally hits the number 2 section. However, he does not hit a ring with his dart.

Matt is going to earn 6 points. He has 3 for the first, 2 for the second, and one for the last.

How To Play Baseball Darts: What Happens Afterward?

Every player keeps throwing their darts for each inning. Players will score more points when they aim for the rings. You will keep adding the scores until the end of the 9th inning. The player with the highest runs will win.

The Twist

Some players like to add a twist to the 7th inning. Matt fails to earn points in the 7th inning while Chad and Shelly do. His points will be reduced by half.

This twist is something that can be fun to play with if you are a pro. Players who are new to the game are better off not doing the twist. It will make the game less fun. Tension in games is not always a good thing.

1) What about the bullseye? What is it worth?

There is one red and green bullseye. The green is worth 25 points, and the red is worth 50 points.

2) How do I know what dart tips will work better?

You better not use a steel dart tip unless you are working with the bristle board. A soft dart tip is better for the electronic board.

3) What about the weight?

The weight should not be of concern unless you are planning on playing baseball darts often. Then, you should find a more comfortable dart tip.

4) What about the dart tool? Do I need one?

Tools are only used for players who use steel dart tips. They are used to tighten everything up to give the player better leverage.

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