How to play cricket darts

How to play cricket darts?

Cricket dart game is one of the most played games in bars and houses. Other than winning and losing, it is more focused on fun and excitement. Most of the people don’t know how to play cricket darts. Don’t worry; we are here with the detailed information to clear your confusion and make your game even more exciting.

Before playing the game, let’s have an idea of the basic things that are required for playing cricket darts. You just need a dartboard, darts, and a scoreboard or a paper to note your score. And the last thing is your consistency. Losing a target doesn’t mean you are unfit and unsuccessful, prepare yourself to overcome all the failures. 

Coming to the game procedure, the main objective of the game is to hit the numbers from 15 to 20 three times and also the bullseye. Once all are closed out, your game is finished. The person who closes first wins the game first. 

The procedure of playing cricket darts

Firstly, you have to set a paper or scoreboard and section them into three—one for numbers and bullseye, then the other two for the players. Get the three darts and start your turn. When you hit the dart, try to target on the highest points. 

After hitting all three darts, you have to give a chance to your opponent. Your number is closed out after hitting it three times; you have to repeat this process until you hit all the numbers and bullseye. You can score more points if you hit the closed number again before your opponent closes it. In the same way,  you cannot get points on hitting a number, if you both closed them out. 

Bullseye, double ring, and triple ring add a score to your game. Hitting on the other numbers other than 15 to 20 does not add any score and does not affect it. But your dart is wasted on hitting those numbers. So,  you have to use every chance to win the target and make your dart useful. Try to close out all the numbers and bullseye by making all your darts successful. The person who closes out all the entities wins the games. Thus, the game is over. 


Dartboard generally uses all the numbers, but here it is just concentrated on 15 to 20 numbers and bullseye. In this article, we think the given information is quite helpful and clear all your doubts on how to play cricket darts. Follow the instructions and hit your darts on the targeted number. It’s your turn now, take a chance, and the game is yours! 

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