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Slim Cycle Bike Reviews

Everybody wants to lose weight and make him or herself fit. Having a gym membership is not quite easy compared to the cost and traveling time to the gym. Slim cycle bikes are indoor bicycle machines for your comfort exercising from home. It is a great opportunity to work out at home with your own equipment. No need to pack a bag for the gym and most importantly the noise-free environment with your fresh air. Just take a seat on the bike and start pedaling in the comfort of your own home.

What is Slim Cycle?

The body frame of the slim cycle bike is made of steel. Steel body increased the higher strength and wear resistance. Tempered ABS plastic material is used to make the shroud of the machine. The magnetic braking system gives you smooth, easy, and flexible rides. It has 8 manual levels of magnetic resistance to increase your workout intensity. The handle is made of soft polyurethane material and it is comfortable to hold and convenient to use. It has a computer and displays an indicator to show your heart rate, speed, time, distance, and the number of calories you have burned.

The main feature of this bike is to transform it from a vertical model to a recumbent position. It is nicely perfect for both experts in cyclists and so new in exercise or training. For your cardio workout, it has a portable vertical simulator and you can make light work out when it’s laying down even with unnecessary effort and unneeded impact on your back. This slim cycle exercise bike is even perfect for those people who are undergoing rehabilitation after injuries and operations.


  • It is strong and durable;
  • It is a silent and smooth operation;
  • Design is space-saving and easy for storage;
  • It can hold the weight of a user 300 lbs;
  • Full body workout completes arm resistance bands;
  • For a tearing workout it keeps the upright position;
  • Has an LCD monitor and shows speed, heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, and track time;
  • Easy to assemble and low maintenance cost;
  • The thick padded seat is comfortable and the backrest is easily adjusted;
  • It has portable options;
  • Multifunctional and productive.


  • Low weight capacity;
  • Consists of basic features;
  • No iPad and no water bottle holder;
  • Seat angle is fixed and feels like a narrow space around the hips;
  • Short warranty time;
  • Quite pricey for some people;
  • Doesn’t have hard and challenging resistance bands.

Amazing Features: 

2-For-1 Fitness Bike 

All we want to be fit and that needs more exercise. Keeping fit with regular exercise going on the gym routine time is quite difficult and expensive. Slim cycle bike is a great exercise tool for home workouts. The 2 in 1 slim cycle bike will give you 2x results in half time. You need just 10 minutes for your daily exercise. It transforms it from a vertical model to a recumbent position for a cardio workout in a low-impact routine.

Adjustable Resistance 

To have a progressive workout you need additional resistance options. This machine has 8 levels of adjustable resistance for your comfortable and tensioning workout. After starting your workout and progress day after day you have the chance to increase the cycle resistance. The higher the resistance number the harder and challenging your daily workout. This awesome add-on system makes these exercise tools more perfect and it will take you to incredible heights.

Strength Training 

The multiple seating positions of the slim cycle bike helps to hit the muscles of the body from different angles. Relax seating can be adjusted to the upright or recumbent position. This machine is made for maximizing workout potential, hitting all different muscles, and continuing to get fitter every single day.

Digital Display 

This digital display shows your exercise going right or wrong with some different types of results. This LCD monitor can work as a motivation enhancer during the exercise period. The distance has covered, speed, time, calories burned even your heartbeat rate. This will help you to keep on track and make regular progress.


Silm cycle bike has impressive folding design technology that you can move it one place to another place easily. You can break it into every single part for a more comfortable carry. The dimensions are 22 inches long 21.5 inches wide when folded and 52 inches tall. After your exercise, you can store it so easily under your bed, in your closet. The design of the bike is most space-saving and safe.


The Bulbhead slim cycle bike has 2 years warranty life. It is completely free from the manufacturing defect. They will replace the entire product or specific parts of the products. But the company will void the warranty if the user makes any abuse of the products against the instruction given by the authority.


Bulbhead slim cycle bike performs outstanding. The performance is compared or measured not in the upper-level advertisement but in real-life performance. It compares the actual output of the machine with the customer expectation. This machine fulfills moreover all the requirements the customer has. Modern design technology gives it a different outlook and works so silent smartly. Workout feeling and physical benefit will show up after continuing exercise for a few days with this machine. Though there are some limitations this machine performs impressive performance for the user or customer to achieve fitness goals.

Who Is It For? 

This bike is for those people who are looking for a budget-friendly exercise bike with wonderful design and features. The storage system of this product is too brilliant for those who have space problems or want to keep aside always after the exercise. Those people who are always in a hurry don’t have much time to go to the gym for physical exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much does Slim Cycle weigh? 

This Slim Cycle bike weighs 39 pounds, 6 ounces. 

What is Slim Cycle’s weight limit? 

This machine has a capacity of up to 300 lbs. 

Can I adjust the upper body resistance bands? 

Yes, you can. The upper body resistance bands you can adjust with your desired length. It is so simple to adjust, just push the band up the desired length and secure it with the locking ring. On the other hand to decrease the length just push the band in the length and lock it with the ring.

Is The Slim Cycle an Upright or Recumbent Exercise Bike?

Slim cycle is both an upright and recumbent exercise bike. Anyone could get the comfortability to choose between the high-intensity workout.


As discussed in the review about Bulbhead Slim cycle bike above it is the most wonderful folding indoor design exceptional affordable products. You will love the product’s versatility of the recumbent and stationary bikes. The basic display shows information about your exercise results during the workout period. If you are waiting for such a machine for your room or closet don’t get confused and worried. Just have your one and enjoy the workout time.

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